Friends for Missions, Inc. …With an Ever-Extended hand to “the Least of These…” Matt.25:40

Friends for Missions, Inc.

Mission Statement

“We must heal, we must feed, we must educate, and we must teach people ways to help themselves to a better life before they can hear the message of salvation.”

To sponsor a child, please click the “Donate” button>Child Sponsorship. Enter the amount of your donation: $35 plus $15 for school uniforms, $50 total. After the dollar amount has been entered, there will be a “Write a Note” option. Please enter the name of the child you have chosen there. THANK YOU!!!

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Our Health Clinic

In 2010, Mary E. Sawyer-Goodwin Health Clinic opened its doors to Haitians who need medical assistance. The facility was named in honor of our founder, Sister Mary E. Sawyer-Goodwin, and is part of the same building that houses the Trinity Baptist Nutrition Center.

Friends for Missions, Inc. contributes to the clinic by providing medical supplies such as bandages (Band-Aids), dental products, cotton balls, vitamins, and more.

Naomi Feeding Her Little Sister
Mary Ellen

Sister Mary E. Sawyer-Goodwin,
Founder of Friends for Missions, Inc.
(April 22, 1930 – October 28, 1997)

Life in Haiti is extremely difficult. The pandemic, economic uncertainty, and gross inflation have the prices of everything skyrocketing. The price of food is up almost 50%. We really appreciate your support!! Thank You!