Friends for Missions, Inc. …With an Ever-Extended hand to “the Least of These…” Matt.25:40

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Our Nutrition Program

Trinity Baptist Centre De Nutrition

In 1972, Friends for Missions, Inc. was able to open the Faith Nutrition Center in Bourg Champagne, Haiti. At that time the people in that area were starving because of malnutrition. In 1990, Sister Mary Sawyer-Goodwin, approached her friend and “Big Brother” as she referred to him, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Tyler-Llyod. Dr. Tyler-Lloyd was then the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Bronx, NY. Sister Mary invited him to go to Haiti with her. Upon their return Dr. Tyler-Llyod presented what he saw to his congregation. It was determined that they had a Christian obligation to help the people of Haiti that were literally starving to death. As a result, the facility was renamed the “Trinity Baptist Centre De Nutrition” in honor of its major sponsor, Trinity Baptist Church. That faithful congregation, under the leadership of Dr. Nathaniel’s daughter, Dr. Naomi Tyler-Llyod, provides principal funding for food and staff salaries.

Since its inception, malnutrition has been totally wiped out in that area of Haiti. Over the last 50 years, more than one million dollars has been donated, and over 200,000 children have been fed! We are so grateful to God for the Saints at Trinity Baptist Church, their pastor, Rev. Dr. Naomi, and her staff!

Although people are no longer dying from malnutrition in this area, people are still hungry. The average wage in Haiti is about $3 -$4 per day when one can get work. The need for things like water, more fruits and vegetables for the children, upkeep of the actual facility is real. I also want to be able to feed more children. Any donations designated for this program will go directly towards those needs. Thank you in advance!!
Gentleman who came back to thank us for feeding him
40 Years ago!
Sister Ellen and friends
Sister Ellen and friends at the entrance of Trinity Baptist Church Nutrition Center
Kids Gathering and Eating
Children eating
Trinity Baptist Centre De Nutrition Kitchen
Cooks preparing lunch
Trinity Baptist Centre De Nutrition Celebrations
Staff leading children in prayer before eating
Nutrition Center Staff
Nutrition Center Staff

Donate Now

There is still a need to provide underprivileged children with clean water and nutritious meals. If you would like to donate to our feeding program, kindly Donate Now. All donations received for The Trinity Baptist Nutrition Center will go directly to Haiti for that purpose.