Friends for Missions, Inc. …With an Ever-Extended hand to “the Least of These…” Matt.25:40

Friends for Missions, Inc.

    Our Children Scholarship Aid Program

    Friends for Missions, Inc. offers scholarship aid to educate the children in Haiti. Approximately 40 children are now receiving student education sponsorships from caring individuals across the United States. More children will be added as the new school year approaches.

    Becoming a sponsor indicates a commitment to assist a child in attending school. A child can be supported for $35.00 per month. In addition, there is a $15.00 annual cost for the two uniforms that are necessary for school attendance.

    Thamar, Sister Ellen and Patricia

    Thamar, Sister Ellen, and Patricia. Two of our college graduates!! So incredibly proud!

    Sponsor Now

    There are still children who need our assistance, and some of them are nearing the end of their secondary schooling and looking forward to starting college. If you would like to help improve a child’s life and their chances of a bright future, let us know.

    Caroline Paul

    This is what your support can do. Thank You to the dedicated sponsors who made this possible!!!

    College Attendees and Graduates:

    1. Patricia Vilisaint- Graduated College-Degree in Hospitality
    2. Samuel Jacques- Graduated College
    3. Sandy Jacques- RN
    4. Marie Volcy-RN
    5. Sara Eustache – Graduated w/Political Science Degree
    6. Darline Dieubon – One more year in College
    7. Josue Myrthil – Certified Electrician
    8. Christina Jn. Charles – College Grad-Administrative Management
    9. Steeve Jn. Charles – College Graduate w/Electrical Engineering Degree
    10. Thamar Vilisaint – Pre-Law
    Patricia Vilisaint

    Patricia Vilisaint

    Degree in Hospitality

    Steeve Jn. Charles

    Steeve Jn. Charles

    Electrical Engineering Degree

    Thamar Vilisaint

    Thamar Vilisaint


    Christina Jn. Charles

    Christina Jn. Charles

    Degree in Administrative Management

    Children Needing Sponsors

    $35 per month and a one-time annual fee of $15 (for school uniforms), will allow these children to be educated.

    If you choose to sponsor a child, please think long term. These children will be depending on you for their future. THANK YOU!!!

    If you see a child that pulls at your heartstrings, please consider being a sponsor.

    Sister Mary Ellen Sawyer-Goodwin, Founder